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Quality Control test of every stage of Process

At Sanvi Polyfab LLP we have in house quality testing lab. We believe in stepping and attaining an extra Mile. With a continuous process of quality improvement and commitment to comply with international quality norms.

Our tape plant can produce 1400 kg/hr. and is from world renowned LOHIA CORP LIMITED. The looms are also ultra-modern and high speed which can produce almost defect free fabric. Thus, supplying top quality with enhanced durability woven sacks.

Quality control tests at every stage of manufacturing process

  • RAW MATERIAL MIXER = Quality check point at this stage verifies that perfect Blending is done and the given ratios of Raw material Blending by plant manager are precisely followed to achieve desired results.
  • BETA GAUGE = We also have beta gauge machine which continuously checks the size and denier of the tape.
  • CHEESE WINDERS = Quality check point at this point verified that tapes extracted out of tape plant in every lot are of consistent denier have due strength, tensile strength and GPD to achieve desired results.
  • FABRIC CHECKING = Fabric produced by every loom is checked for right weaving, width, size, strength and finish. Within tolerance of minus 0 % and plus 10 to 20 MM at a maximum.
  • LAMINATION = Blending of lamination grade according to client’s requirement Microns of lamination are conveyed. Inspection is done lot wise to verify coating results. Visual quality checks are made & strength of fabric after lamination is tested.
  • IN HOUSE PRINTING = Unlaminated/Laminated rolls are then forwarded to the printing process. If printing is required, then printing is checked for print quality adherence of ink. In printing we use the best inks and reducers by international repute available within India. We offer 6 color printing.
  • BAG CUTTING & STITCHING = Un-laminated/Laminated rolls/Un-printed/Printed rolls (according to requirement specified) are then forwarded to bag cutting & stitching process. Where in are they are being cut into required sizes and stitching is monitored with reference to specifications.
  • TENSILE & BREAKING TEST, LOAD TEST, LENGTH & WIDTH TEST is also carried out followed by complete detailed inspection.
  • BUNDLES & BALES CHECKING followed by loading.